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Using Effective Public Relations to Attract Investors

For companies looking to take their enterprise to the next step, the search for
investors and/or satisfy venture capitalists requires an in depth understanding of
the practice of investor relations.Here are a few considerations to put in place so that potential and current investors
are attracted to the natural value of your company:
Monitor online forums – Streamed all over the Internet to hundreds of potential
investors, any savvy investor will be on the look out for the newest development or
innovation that could catch on like what iTunes did for Apple. The forums you
monitor should be archived, so the reach to the investment community is extended
long beyond the date of any event or product launch you hold.

Targeted your message(s) to a specific industry sector and present in-depth
content from keynote speakers and corporate executives. In an environment
saturated with information from the media you can grow your shareholder base by
communicating your message directly to a live audience of investors by making a
CEO’s speech available on the company website.

Build relationships with reputable stockbrokers, venture capital and investment banking firms. In most major cities, angel investor associations are also an excellent
group to reach out towards.

Make sure your corporate fact sheets are professionally written and designed.
The Corporate Profile should become an integral part of your overall Investor
Information Package.

Solid Investor Relations is no different that intelligently applied Public Relations. It’s
all about the story. Tell the great story of your company, do it professionally, and
target your message to the right audience.